Achieve A Healthy Weight

You and I can work together to get your unconscious mind on board with your goals and make it so much easier to make the healthy choices you’ve always wanted to.
Achieve a healthy weight

Break the cycle of a lifetime


Sick of the same old cycle of losing and gaining weight? Of obsessing over food, whether it’s counting calories or binging?


It’s not that you don’t know how to eat healthily, or how to exercise, but it feels like there’s a part of your mind always sabotaging what you know you want?


Stop wasting energy fighting yourself, and get your whole mind pulling in the right direction.


I will work with you using elements of coaching, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming and counselling to remove the barriers between you and a healthier, happier lifestyle.


Using proven methods, we can make reaching your goals far, far easier.


Sessions will be 1 hour each, with a fee of £72 per session.


Take advantage of my “StraightForward Guarantee” – If, at the end of your first session, you feel that I’m not the right person to help you (for whatever reason!) then please don’t pay. We’ll call it an extended consultation!


Get in touch now – 01603 672550 or [email protected] – to arrange a free, no-obligation telephone consultation.

Call now on 01603 672550 for your free consultation so you can begin making changes now!